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Volume 1 - Issue 1

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In this issue we discuss efficient database transactions and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes made by developers. During the course of this series, other topics will include finding bottlenecks, arriving at root cause, common causes for high CPU, memory or disk utilization, and much more.

Are your developers hindering database performance?

Have you ever seen a single user WEB application? I have and it was by design if you consider neglect for proper database interaction to be part of the design, or just a mere after thought.
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Do your kids need some more practice with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division? Visit our free MathHound Site. Math Hound is an automated tool designed to help students master basic arithmetic by way of repetition.
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Need an easy way to reclaim disk space? Download our new free tool, "WhereDidMyDiskGo". "Where did my disk go" helps you target your problem areas by showing you the largest directories in order from largest to smallest.
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How can we help? Are you having troubles with unresponsive applications? Perhaps we can help you tune your environment or show you where the true problem exists. PCS specializes in performance tuning applications and databases. We can also help you point out problems to your software vendor if you don't have the source code to your application.
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We are looking for a few good BETA sites. Would you like to host our new ADERS "School" edition? Now your school nurse can take avantage of NDC Barcodes when administering medications. ADERS School does for the school what ADERS does for the Hospital.
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