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Welcome to Math Hound, an automated tool designed to help students master basic arithmetic by way of repetition. Math Hound measures accuracy and speed. Math Hound also allows one to target problem areas. In as little as fifteen minutes per day, students should notice appreciable gains in both accuracy and speed. Math Hound is fully automated, allowing students to test themselves independently and record their progress. Math Hound is completely anonymous. We do not collect any information except for tracking cookies using Google Analytics so we can gauge traffic. To use Math Hound, click one of the options, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division. Select your options and click start. Answer as quickly as possible and click the stop button when you have completed. The TAB key can be used instead of clicking to the next answer. Tabbing to the stop button automatically stops the test. Math Hound will automatically show you your results and completion time. Strive to answer all twenty questions correctly while constantly reducing your time. Compete against your friends or have your teacher arrange a contest with homework passes as prizes. Math Hound is cool and....
  • Green. - it is completely electronic and does not waste paper
  • Available. - anyone who has internet access can use it
  • Self driven. - you can do it alone without any help or assistance
  • Safe. - It is totally anonymous
  • Free. - No dues, subscription, or fees of any kind
Sal Khan has over 1000 instructional videos on many subjects, where as Math Hound is an interactive tool for practice. Please enjoy these short informative videos. The site's subjects are listed alphabetically. Fourth grade math for example is listed under developmental math. Bill Gates has been talking about Sal Khan since 2010. It's time you see why.
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