Medical Charts missing?

Use barcodes to track them.

If you can barcode it,
Traverse can track it.

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Features / Benefits / Differentiators


  • One Month Free Trial
  • Custom Asset Types
  • Completely Audited
  • Barcode Printing


  • Customizable alerts email, SMS, appt
  • Custom label formats
  • Built In SQL Tuning and Backup
  • Automatic configurable Archive/Purge


  • Save time locating charts
  • Chart history at fingertips
  • Access information via any browser
  • Access via Android, Apple, or Microsoft app

Barcode medical chart tracking software

Track medical charts using bar codes with Traverse

Misplaced items can be a huge source of frustration.

Not only is it a waste of time and efficiency, your facility is probably short staffed and over worked already.

Using Traverse to automate the tracking of medical charts using barcodes is simple and cost effective.

You can be up and running in a few hours and fully automated and acclimated within a week.

No expensive hardware investment. You probably have all of the hardware you need already and just need a few barcode scanners. Hardware investment can be less than $500.

Traverse prints barcode labels to a variety of Avery sheets and to most Dymo Printers. Traverse is very customizable making the barcode tracking system capable of tracking medical charts, law office files, insurance claims documents, school documents and more.

Traverse can also print color coded side tab file labels for the ultimate in visibility. Adhere barcodes to your file folders and you are ready to scan them to put away where they belong.

Check in / check out works just like a library checking charts out to people or moving charts from location to location.

Let us help you automate your facility, give us a call – 201-728-8809 – we will set up a WebEx to demonstrate and can install it for you remotely.

All data manipulation is audited.

How Traverse can enhance quality of care at your facility? Here are some benefits:
  •   Reduce human error with bar codes
  •   Improve productivity of staff
  •   Real-time visibility
  •   Process efficiency across the organization
  •   Low capital investment
  •   Demonstrates progressive innovation

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On Premises

Starting at $799.
One time fee.
Unlimited charts.
One Month Free Trial.  


as Low as $15 / month.
Hosted in the cloud.  

Hosted Premium

Private Cloud hosting.
Call for info.  



Traverse Kiosk App

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