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Practical Compliance Solutions was incorporated in 2002 and is a software / hardware solution provider. We are located in Rutherford, New Jersey, about ten miles from New York City.   After 14 years of delivering, implementing, and supporting many kinds of systems for other companies, Thomas Romeo, our founder, branched out on his own because he knew in his heart how he needed to treat his customers and how he needed to build the systems that were right for them without compromise.   Of course, the job market changed radically after the Y2K push, the internet bubble, 9/11, and the stock market corrections that followed.  These events were catalysts for the move.

PCS has more than 25 years of experience with all kinds of data collection systems using barcodes and other media such as RFID. More important than just having experience, we build those systems we don't just re-sell other company's products. Our intimacy with the creation of each system coupled with working closely with customers, analyzing their needs, is what makes us experts.   We are also application and database-tuning experts which means our applications are responsive. We specialize in SQL Server tuning and application troubleshooting.

Practical Compliance Solutions has abandoned the traditional Customer/Vendor relationship model and views all customers as Business Partners. As such, we subscribe to fostering relationships in which we help to provide solutions for our business partners.

We are in business to help our business partners.

Many times, after carefully reviewing a business partner's request, the most practical solution might be to change a standard operating procedure, or to provide a special report.   A new system, or new hardware, or a system re-write, isn't always the answer. We recognize this because we are in it for the long term. This is what being a business partner means to us.   We are not going to try to sell you a new anything if you don't need it.   WHY?  Because we hate used car dealers and never ever want to become what we hate.  Hate is a strong word; we are just trying to make a point.

Relationships like this, based on truth and honesty is how we operate every day. Taken from Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich", our MO is simple. We will engage in no transaction that does not benefit all whom it affects.

If we do not help our business partners to increase margins, or improve customer service, or reduce costs, then we have failed.

Our many years of experience with bar code labeling, data collection, hand held computing devices, radio frequency computing devices, and our excellence in the area of database tuning, are what gives us the edge in this competitive market.   Nobody has actually seen it all, but we have been around long enough to have seen things that should never happen. Let us help you with your challenges. Talk to us.

PCS takes quality very seriously. What else do we have but our good name when selling products and services? We have taken a very practical approach to quality assurance and have had outstanding results.

Not a computer person?

We understand that sometimes computer jargon can be daunting. Every profession has its own language. Doctors, plumbers, sports announcers, all use words and expressions that we may not understand.

One of our pet peeves is landing on a web page and after reading the main page and the about page, it is not intuitively obvious as to what the company does. If there is anything on this web site that is not crystal clear, please give us a call or send an email and let us know. We care about what you think and we want to help.

We are also sticklers for good grammar. If you find a grammatical error on any of our pages, please bring it to our attention.


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