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Need to know when it changes?

WhatsMyIP will notify you
with SMS and email.

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Features / Benefits / Differentiators


  • Easy Setup
  • Works with your email
  • Email Notifications
  • SMS Notifications


  • One time Fee
  • No Subscription
  • Use Gmail or Hotmail creds
  • Use private SMTP


  • Know when your IP Changes
  • Stay productive
  • No Static IP
  • Save $



On Premises

One time fee.
Download and license.
All sales are final. 1  



Verizon Router DynDNS setting

Sometimes the Dynamic DNS setting does not automatically update when it is supposed to. Also, many dynamic DNS services are now paid subscriptions.

Get a text when your IP Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

  Public IP Address?

If you do not own a public IP address, then your internet provider assigns you one via DHCP, (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

  How does it work?

"What Is My IP" is a Windows service that runs on one or more of your home computers or servers. It checks your external IP address once per day or as frequently as once every 30 minutes. If your IP address changes, it sends an email or SMS to you. All of this is configurable.

  Why Do I need it?

If you are a Gamer you might. Also, many small businesses, companies that employ fewer than 50 people, do not purchase a static IP address for a variety of reasons. Notwithstanding the reason to not have a static IP, the company might rely on VPN (Virtual Private Network) or use SSH (Secure Shell) as a means to access the corporate network. Perhaps someone needs to work from home, or two satellite offices need to be linked to the main office. To access your network from the internet, you need to know your router’s public address.

  Is there another way?

Companies like DYNDNS, or Duck DNS, or No IP, or yDNS, zonomi, or hopper, allow you to attach a DNS host name to your public IP address. Some routers automatically update your dynamic IP address with your dynamic DNS provider so that when your public IP address changes, your DNS is up to date.

  What makes this special?

Our product is installed at your site or house. There is a one time fee. No subscription.

  What else?

Sometimes the Dynamic DNS service does not work for various reasons. Certain Verizon Routers have an entry in the router for Dynamic DNS, but the router never updates it, almost like the function in the router is disabled.

1All sales are final.  We are happy to help you configure the software.  You must use a real email address when registering the software.   Using a phony email address forfeits your license.

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