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Document Tracking using bar codes

Case study Business Integrity Commission New York City

Business Integrity Commission of New York City had a problem that could easily be solved by implementing our Barcode Tracking System, Traverse File Tracker, a fully audited barcode tracking system specifically designed to track physical documents.

(BIC) issues licenses to operate as a business in the private carting industry, businesses operating in the City's public wholesale markets, the shipboard gambling industry, and the trade waste industry.

About the Business Integrity Commission
The Business Integrity Commission Organization

BIC was formed in 2001 and gradually became the central agency for all such licenses and registrations. However it was discovered some time in 2009 that license requests were somehow being misplaced or lost.

Daniel Cox, Director of Special Operations reached out to me asking about how a barcode tracking system could help.   At that time I had built many barcode tracking systems but didn't have one ready to deliver for his purposes.   I sent him a proposal, and in anticipation started building Traverse.  

As with all systems, they are only as good as the discipline to use them. Given that somehow license requests were missing, or "getting lost", there had to be a way to find out how they were getting lost.

The proposed system would need to be fully audited. This was the most important requirement.   The new system would also need the capability to assess accountability at every step of the way.

Assuming that everyone in the department was honest, hardworking and wanted to do a good job, the system must be designed in a way to ferret out the flaws in the "then current ways of doing things", that allowed for such losses.   The audit trail of Traverse File Tracker is all encompassing. If a document to be tracked is created the creation is audited. Every change is audited including the act of deleting it. Audit records cannot be modified or removed.

The system also uses a two phase commit. This means that if a document is created in the system to be tracked and it is assigned to a person for review, the person it is assigned to must accept it. If it is not accepted by the recipient, then the person issuing it is still responsible. This provides motivation for the issuing person to confirm handoff.

All places that contain the documents as in storage, like a file room, must audit access in and out of the room. All documents leaving the room must be checked out to the person removing them. Essentially the file room must be treated like an evidence room.

Traverse Document Tracker now exists and can be downloaded, installed, and issued a trial license for free from this web site.

How Traverse can streamline operations at your firm? Here are some benefits:
  •   Reduce human error with bar codes
  •   Improve productivity of staff
  •   Real-time visibility
  •   Process efficiency across the organization
  •   Fosters cohesive team approach
  •   Demonstrates progressive innovation
  •   Low capital investment

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