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Barcode tracking system

Automate and record the movement of items from place to place or from person to person with a few quick barcode scans

Track items using bar codes with Traverse, a simple and affordable file tracking system

Traverse Barcode Tracking Software automates and records the movement of items from place to place or from person to person with a few quick barcode scans.   Print the item barcodes, location barcodes, user barcodes, and client barcodes directly from Traverse.   You can also check an item out to a person as you would a book from a library.   Traverse can also send email or SMS notifications when the file is due back.   Traverse is fully customizable enabling you to collect more or less data depending on your needs.   All check in / check out transactions are audited of course, but Traverse takes it a step further in that all changes to any data within traverse is audited.  

Use Traverse to track assets and inventory
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Traverse is a browser based barcode tracking system that is easy to install, customizable, affordable, scalable, versatile, and powerful.

Try our Android app! You can use your android device to scan barcoded items using the built in camera, or use a Zebra TC52 Android Device to lookup items to find their current location, perform all Traverse transactions like check-in, check-out, move, etc.    Get the Traverse mobile app from the Google Play.   

Try our Microsoft app! You can run Traverse on any Windows 10 device. Use your MS Surface-Pro camara to scan barcodes.    Get the Traverse mobile app from the Microsoft store.   

Click this link to download Traverse today and start your free one month trial.

Standard transactions include:
  • Check in / Check out
  • Move / Transfer
  • Delete / Remove
  • Block usage / Release for use
Standard reports include:
  • Items by location
  • Items by item type / location
  • Locations and their items by type
  • Depreciation
  • Item history

Traverse is a browser based barcode tracking system that is customizable, affordable, scalable, versatile, and powerful

Talk to us about portable data terminals, barcode scanners, barcode printers, or pre-printed bar code labels.

Take advantage of our barcode tracking system's extensible capabilities.  If you can barcode it, Traverse can track it.
The image to the left is Traverse on a Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile 6.5 device. Traverse also runs on the Zebra TC52 Android device.

We are so confident in our Traverse File Tracking System that we offer a one month free trial of the complete system. Call today – 201-728-8809

Let us show you a simple solution using barcodes so you can get back to what is really important.

  • Easy to use
  • Completely audited
  • Item Types are customizable
  • Simple depreciation available for assets
  • Standard XML interfaces for import and export of data
  • Standard set of reports
  • Easily connected to Microsoft SQL Report Writer or Business Intelligence engine
  • Print barcode labels
  • Pocket PC / Windows Mobile modules support batch or wireless operation
  • Source Code available 1
  • Save time locating assets or other important business items
  • Save money on replacement of lost assets or other important business items
  • Track warranty, service schedules, and or expiration of items or receive ticklers for events
  • Estimate the value of your assets with the press of a button
  • Access information via any browser device that can access your network

If you can barcode it, Traverse can track it

1 Call us for details. Certain fees apply. Nondisclosure agreements and no-compete contracts are required.

← Traverse → ™ is a browser based tool that simplifies your ability to track anything that can be bar-coded. Our bar code tracking system is powerful, versatile, scalable and affordable.

Starting At $799.99 Please Call 201-728-8809 for pricing. Download Traverse today! or let us host it for you in the cloud.

Why Traverse? What's in the name?

We used to joke about how everything is a warehouse. You put stuff in, move it around, and then eventually move it out. Hospitals are warehouses, people come in, move from room to room and then leave. Schools are warehouses, kids come in, move from class to class and then go home, and you get the idea.

A tracking system is essentially the same, items enter the system, traverse the facility until they end up in their resting destination for a time and then perhaps traverse the facility again.

Having enjoyed Rock Climbing for a time, one of our warm up activities was to traverse the lower wall.

When talking about data structures, a common element is a tree and you could write an algorithm to traverse that tree. Traverse has been a word in my vernacular for quite a while and just seemed to fit as a one word description of our tracking system, it’s a name that is a verb, a call to action.

And we will traverse your organization to find your items.

Trav-erse [trav-ers], [truh-vurs]

  • to pass or move over, along, or through
  • to look over, examine, or consider carefully; review; survey.
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