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  • Free Trial
  • All four VICS forms
  • Easy interface
  • Plain Paper BOL


  • Windows and Linux
  • Any OS with JVM
  • Easy to customize
  • Bolt-On to any system


  • Stop chargebacks
  • Keep existing systems
  • Fast implementation
  • VICS Standard

VICS Bill of Lading

Print the VICS BOL standard format to a Laser printer from your existing systems

The VICS bill of lading, created by the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association, is a bill of lading required by most major U.S. retailers. It provides a standardized list of information, including customer order numbers, designed to help ensure goods flow through the supply chain efficiently.

QuikVixBOL is a bolt on solution to automate and print the VICS Bill of Lading from any system. It is easy to install and easy implement. You can download it today and print sample BOLs immediately. QuikVixBOL is packaged with an installation guide and full help. There is also a GUI interface that helps you create the input files that you will produce from your existing system.

Please Check our FAQ for more info, or give us a call, or request a demo.



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Software $1,500
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Free Trial.  



BOL Page 1

Bolt it on to your existing systems

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Supplement 1

Become VICS BOL Compliant with QuikVixBOL

Supplement 2

Plain Paper VICS Bill of Lading Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is a Bolt-on?

A Bolt-On solution in the context of software is a solution that runs independently of your other systems but receives data from your other systems to perform functions that they do not.

  How does it work?

You create an input file from your existing system and run it through QuikVixBOL. This process is best when automated so there is no manual step.

  Do I need special hardware?

Yes and no. QuikVixBOL prints to LaserJet printers. It must be a laser printer that supports PCL or PostScript. There is a way to take the PostScript output to create a PDF, but we do not support that.

  What is Platform Independence?

Platform independence is a feature of software that is written in a language that has been ported to many operating systems. JAVA is platform independent, therefore QuikVixBOL runs on any operating system that supports JAVA.

  How does the free trial work?

Download QuikVixBOL from our website free. The software is the actual product but unlicensed. The unlicensed version transposes some random characters on output so it cannot be used in production. There is no expiration date on the trial. When you purchase a license key, the product stops running in demo mode.

  Is there an easy way to get started?

A user interface allows you to type BOL information on a form. You can then print the BOL to a printer. This program also allows you to save the data you typed as an input file that can run through the main QuikVixBOL program. This makes it easy for you to create your first input file. You can later automate the creation of QV input as you export data from your other systems.

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