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  • One Month Free Trial
  • Custom Asset Types
  • Completely Audited
  • Barcode Printing


  • Customizable alerts email, SMS, appt
  • Custom label formats
  • Built In SQL Tuning and Backup
  • Automatic configurable Archive/Purge


  • Save time locating important items
  • Save money replacement lost items
  • Access information via any browser
  • Access via Android, Apple, or Microsoft app

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Starting at $799.
One time fee.
Unlimited assets.
One Month Free Trial.  


as Low as $15 / month.
Hosted in the cloud.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  What can I track?

You can track anything to which you can affix a barcode, RFID tag, or both. You can know the whereabouts of any item that is of value to your organization. This include tools, AV equipment, IT equipment, file folders, medical charts, tax records, evidence, medical tools and devices, inventory of all kinds. What you can track with Traverse is limited only by your imagination.

  How does it work?

When you affix barcodes to your items, you can then scan them to perform transactions. You can check them in or out as you would a library book from a library. You can move them. You can request or reserve them. You can do this from any browser or from your phone or any Android, Apple, or Microsoft mobile device.

  Do I need special hardware?

Yes and no. It is very likely that your office has all of the hardware you need to use Traverse. Traverse can print barcode labels to Avery label sheets. You can use your smart phone or Android, Apple, or Microsoft tablet to scan items from place to place. It is likely that your office already has several Dymo printers. However, a Zebra LS2208 connected to a computer or a Zebra CS3000 batch scanner may also be in your future. The good news is that these devices are very affordable. Give us a call; we would love to show you.

  How do I find my items?

Traverse has a very powerful search engine that can be used from any browser or smartphone or Android, Apple, or Microsoft device. Every transaction records the most recent location of every item. Traverse also offers reports that can detail the current location and history of locations for any item. Using your smartphone can incorporate GPS geo-coordinates for added accuracy.

  Is there an audit?

As with all barcode tracking systems, all transactions are audited. Traverse takes it a step further; auditing every change to all data in the system. For example, the creation, change and deletion of any item in the system is reflected in the system audit. Audit reports are available to determine not just what is, but how it got that way.

  Can we import data?

Traverse has the ability to import and export data from every table using XML or CSV. We however recognize that not everyone has the staff available to format their data properly for Traverse to import. We therefore offer a one-time import of your data free of charge with the purchase of Traverse.

Track your items using barcodes

Having trouble finding your items?

Traverse is a single barcode tracking system that can be used to track all of your items. You set up the item type and rules regarding those items. Track files, file folders, tools, AV equipment, medical charts, test tubes, and medical equipment, anything to which you can affix a barcode or RFID tag.

Traverse can also track inventory. What’s the difference? Inventory is received and either consumed or sold and can be grouped in quantities and or uniquely identified. Permanent items can be uniquely identified by a barcode and relocated or checked out to individuals for use.

One product does it all. Traverse not only helps you track your items, but can send notifications about the current state of your items or inventory.

We are so confident that our barcode tracking system will work for you that we offer an on premises free trial.


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