Database backups keeping you up at night?

Copy your backups offsite.

FTP, AZCOPY, Dropbox
Network Copy.

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Features / Benefits / Differentiators


  • Two Week Free Trial
  • Backup Databases
  • FTP or Copy elsewhere
  • Azure AZ Copy


  • Customizable alerts email, SMS
  • Reindex
  • SQL Tuning Recommendations
  • Manage Transaction Log size


  • Safe Copy of Backups
  • Warning potential issues
  • Data Purge Wizard
  • Custom SQL Jobs


One Package - All features

Free for a single database
$99.99 first 10 databases
One time fee.
Two Week Free Trial.  



Installing backup ftp

Data purge

Backup ftp

DB Backup and copy or FTP

SQL Backup and Copy can perform your SQL backup jobs effortlessly and copy or FTP the backups to other network storage.

DB Health Assist is a database backup, tuning, and health-monitoring service all rolled up into one easy to use and affordable package.   Relax, knowing that your database backups are safe. Backup your databases and Copy AND FTP SQL Backups off site AND copy SQL Backups to Azure Blob Storage. Copy backups to DropBox as well. Optimize and monitor all in one step

SQL Backup and copy installs in less than a minute and can be configured in less than five minutes.   It performs full backups and or transaction log backups.   It can run on your SQL server or on any server or workstation connected to your SQL server.   You set up the notification level and it will notify you of potential issues before they occur. How SQL Backup and Copy / FTP can give you peace of mind:
  • Daily backup scheduled at the time you specify
  • Differential transaction log backups if full recovery model is used
  • Copy or FTP or both to other storage
  • Management of transaction log size
  • Management of backup sets
  • Disk space and disk space used reporting
  • Email or SMS of report. You select the report detail

SQL Backup and Copy is for applications that use SQL Server, SQL Express, or MSDE

Given enough time, hardware fails. Are you prepared for when your database server crashes?

After registering for a free two week trial, you may begin backing up your databases and copying the backups to a different server in a few easy steps.

The DB Health Assistant Console helps you configure the product to manage your databases.

In addition to backing up your databases, DB Health assistant can perform routine maintenance on your SQL databases like, target your fragmented indexes and perform the re-index, or not.

It can automatically shrink the database transaction log to a specified size if you choose to do so.

DB Health assistant also performs a DBCC Check DB and will output any allocation errors and consistency errors. Allocation errors could mean there are issues with the disk or storage system. It is better to know about these potential problems sooner rather than later.

Most important, you will receive email notifications of any issues or potential issues enabling you to be proactive.

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