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Database Data Purge Assistant

Automate database scrub activities, remove old, obsolete, or unwanted data ...

DB Health Assist is a database backup, tuning, and health-monitoring service

DB Health Assist is a database backup, tuning, and health-monitoring service that also makes it easy to delete old, obsolete, or unwanted data.

DB Health Assist helps you shed unwanted data safely and gently.   Given enough time, databases can become bloated and lethargic due to improper or lack of elimination of old, obsolete, or useless data.   Our DB Health Assist software makes this problem a thing of the past.   You don’t need to be a database expert or even know anything about databases to keep your systems operating at peak performance.

Click this link to download DB Health Assistant today and start your free two-week trial.

know in advance of potential issues
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DB Health Assist is a database backup, tuning, data purge, and health-monitoring service

Our DB Health Assist software installs in less than a minute and can be configured in less than five minutes.

After registering for a free two week trial, you may begin tuning up your databases in a few easy steps.

The DB Health Assistant Console helps you configure the product to manage your databases.

You choose if you want the DB Health assistant to perform backups or not, depending on if you already have a backup plan.

DB Health assistant can target your fragmented indexes and perform the re-index, or not.

It can automatically shrink the database transaction log to a specified size if you choose to do so.

DB Health assistant also performs a DBCC Check DB and will output any allocation errors and consistency errors. Allocation errors could mean there are issues with the disk or storage system. It is better to know about these potential problems sooner rather than later.

All this is great, but DB Health Assistant also allows you to target old or unwanted data in a very simple way.

Is your database bogged down with obsolete or useless data?

Remove old, obsolete, or unwanted data from SQL databases effortlessly with our SQL back up and optimizing assistant.

How DB Health Assist can give you peace of mind
  • Schedule data purge jobs
  • Wizard to create purge jobs
  • Create custom purge jobs
  • Reorganization or Rebuild of fragmented indexes
  • Management of transaction log size
  • Disk space and disk space used reporting
  • Warnings if transaction log is too large or available disk space is too small
  • Warning if any action cannot be executed
  • Email or SMS of report. You select the report detail

DB Health Assistant is for applications that use SQL Server, SQL Express, or MSDE

If your database is bogged down with obsolete or useless data, now you can quickly and easily remove old or unwanted data from any SQL Server database.

Select up to a maximum of 5000 rows per deletion. This ensures that the database will not incur excessive locks, the SQL transaction log will not grow too quickly and SQL Server’s tempdb will also not grow too large.

This six minute video show how easy it is to remove old, obsolete, or redundant data .

YouTube Video Resolution
If you view a video on YouTube and it seems blurry, the resolution may not be optimal.

Click the gear pictured in the red box and select a higher resolution.

Set the quality to the highest value on the list.

You can use the wizard to create a purge query or enter a custom query.

DB Health Assist is packaged with our ADERS ® and ← Traverse → ™ products to keep their respective databases running in peak performance always.


"DB Health Assistant" DB Health Assist is a database backup, tuning, and health-monitoring service. One Time Fee $99.99 Download DB Health Assist today and receive a two week free trial.

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