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No matter how big your disk is,
sooner or later you will fill it up.

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No matter how big your disk is, sooner or later you will fill it up.

When this happens it can very quickly become frustrating as you try to find files to remove.

"Where did my disk go" helps you target your problem areas by showing you the largest directories in order from largest to smallest. free download $0.00 Download Where did my disk go today.

To get started, download the appropriate version and install it on your computer. Run it from the start menu. If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, right click "WhereDidMyDiskGo.exe and "Run As Administrator".

Double click the "Disk to Search" text box to select a disk or directory to search. Then click the "Check" button.

After the grid shows data, simply click the directory to open it with "Windows Explorer" to delete files at your discretion.

The "MSIZAP" button removes orphaned installers which could consume your disk by filling the "WINDOWS\Installer" directory.

DO NOT remove files from the "WINDOWS\Installer" directory manually as you will not be able to un-install those programs in the future.

DO NOT remove files that you know nothing about. If you are having trouble deciding what to delete, seek expert help.

New in version 1.1.21....

Thorough registry cleanse when removing software and thorough registry cleanse when removing windows services. From the File menu select "Software" or "Services" to see a complete list of software that is installed on your PC or Server.

From the software screen, select all of the installed software that you would like to remove and then click remove. The un-install routine for each package will be invoked, and upon completion a registry cleanse for the product will occur. Click the "Find Orphaned Installations" button to find software that has been removed but remnants of it remain in the registry.

From the services screen select all of the services that you would like to affect. You can start, stop, or remove them. If you remove them, a thorough cleanse of the registry for each product will occur.

Enjoy... We hope WhereDidMyDiskGo makes your life easier. Please download it. It is free.


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