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Scope creep is the pejorative name we give to the natural process by which clients discover what they really want

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It happens, and when it does it can be disastrous. PCS can help you get the project back on track and delivered. If your project has been a victim of scope creep, give us a call.

We have a proven track record for bailing out our predecessors.   What's more, we have references from fortune 500 companies to back up our stories.   Of course we are also quite skilled at enhancing already successful projects as long as we have access to the source code.

At a major New York City agency, we implemented an unmanned RFID tool crib application that was left stagnant by our predecessor for more than one year. Now employees can access the tool crib 24 x 7 and the tools that they remove are automatically checked out to whomever removes them. This wasn't scope creep. It was just a bad initial design.

In any RFID application using passive RFID tags, one must be aware that RFID system might NOT read the intended RFID tag 100% of the time. It is there for critical to determine the direction of the tag. If the tag is entering the tool crib then a putaway transaction should occur. If a tool is exiting the tool crib then a check out transaction should occur which means the user's badge must also be read at the same time. One must also account for RF reflection in that a tag that is not entering or exiting could be close enough to the choke point to be read. Such false reads need to be handled.

At the New York City office of one of the top ten accounting firms, we implemented a file room tracking solution that also tracks the status of all client tax returns. The project included nightly imports from host systems and custom reports. The project stagnated for two years. Lawsuits were quelled and we completed the project in just a few months. They used the system live during the 2005 tax season. Scope Creep Conquered.

At a manufacturer of hybrid seed corn, a botched project was recast in SQL Server 7, and then later migrated to SQL Server 2000. It only required a few on site visits. Most of the recast was performed at the New Jersey office. They used the product for several years and then finally replaced it with a custom SAP WM solution that had been deployed in the other plants.

At a dominant player in the food industry, we enhanced a category management solution by adding new features. In this case the project had already been scoped out and a project manager who really understood the product had clearly documented the need. All we had to do was execute.

The list goes on.....


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