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Custom software is sometimes necessary when your objective cannot be met by existing packaged software

Sometimes solutions are not packaged in boxes neatly stacked on shelves

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Custom software is sometimes necessary when your objective cannot be met by existing packaged software.   Many times packaged software is not a 100% fit, but if 85% of your need can be fulfilled, it is usually less expensive both monetarily and with regard to time.   Sometimes however, custom software does not need to be 100% custom.

We have built many one off systems over the years including:

  • a YMS (Yard Management System)
  • several different WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)
  • many different flavors of tracking systems using barcodes or RF ID technology
  • Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Windows mobile applications
  • Mobile data collection applications
  • interfaces to send data to or retrieve data from
    • SAP
    • Documentum
    • MFG/Pro
    • others

Perhaps we have already built something that does most of what you need

It is possible that your unique need can be satisfied by software that we have already built plus or minus a few features or tweaks.

If you can't find the software solution that you need, let us build it for you.

Does custom software make sense?

If you are looking to build a custom software solution, it is likely that you have already decided how it will save you time or provide some amount of efficiency.

Given the clichĂ©, "time = money", which by the way is completely false. Time=Life.  If a software product can free up your time so you can spend your time doing other things, then maybe a custom software application is the right choice.

Additionally, if a process becomes more efficient as a result of a new software application, and the efficiency can be translated into profits, then the custom software application might be the right choice.  

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyhow, greater profit margins = competitive advantage.  

This is at the heart of our mission statement. See our about page. We started this business because we are invested in helping our business partners.


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