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Consultant - (noun) One who gives expert or professional advice

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IT departments and development shops can be so compartmentalized in that software developers are categorized as front end-user interface (UI) or back end services developers and neither may know a whole lot about databases.   Database administrators (DBA)s may know a great deal about how a database meets their corporate standards, but may never give any thought to how an application interacts with it.   More times than not, these hard working individuals are great at what they do, but are misunderstood by the folks in marketing, sales, finance, manufacturing, etc.

IT departments can be broken down by specific disciplines like Networking, Virtualization, Storage, Operating Systems, DBAs, Architecture, Capacity Planning, etc.   Each discipline has its own jargon and values.   Sometimes a person that can bridge those gaps is the only way to move a project forward.   A consultant may or may not know more about each of the given areas of concern, but brings the necessary skill to get things moving.  

We are not the new kids on the block

One of our core competencies is the ability to listen to your situation and to help derive tactical solutions to bridge the gaps in your operations. We are also quite skilled at integrating these tactical solutions with existing systems.

We have years of experience with the suite of Microsoft development tools, SQL Server, Oracle, JAVA, COM+, .NET Framework, WEB and WinForms Development, and a multitude of other technologies such as barcodes, mobile computing, RFID, and understand how to use such technology to make life easier.

Our many years of experience tempered with our evolution through several generations of technology provides us a solid technical foundation and the ability to apply it practically. With this knowledge we, like our competitors, have the ability to build applications. Unlike our competitors we also have the ability to fix applications built by others. We can also show you how to enhance the performance of existing systems.

If a software / hardware solution makes sense and it does not already exist, let us help you achieve your goals.


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