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We will never presume to know your business needs better than you

Analyst - (noun) A person who analyzes or who is skilled in analysis

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You will find that we spend a great deal of time listening before we speak. We will never presume to know your business needs better than you.   Only after we have a firm understanding of your requirements, will we recommend a solution.   More times than not, the recommended solution is the result of an intense collaborative effort.   After all, you probably already have a good idea about what you need, you just need the right help.

When a leading manufacturer of soap, deodorant and toothpaste added new production lines to their plant which caused a 50% reduction in warehouse space, we gave careful consideration to the fact that they now had the capacity to store two shifts of production and nothing more.

We provided heuristic reports that helped them top off trucks that are going to distribution centers with odd cases, reducing honeycombing. We provided the ability to perform directed put-aways to trucks as though they are warehouse locations, and then the ability to create orders based on the contents of those trucks.

We didn't complicate the process; we helped streamline it with common sense ideas.

Or when an on-site fuel delivery company had implemented a custom RF solution for capturing their fueling activity that feeds their billing system. Fast forward to today, eight to ten years later, while their solution was effective and clever when it was built, replacement parts are hard to find for failing hardware.

In a collaborative brainstorming session with the customer, we conceived a more fail-safe, accurate state of the art solution for minimal cost that would take advantage of RFID technology. With a true hands free application, the customer can focus in his business with confidence that his billing will be timely and accurate.

You probably already have a good idea about what you need, you just need the right help

What do we mean by this?

Suppose you have a great idea for a new widget. Would you tell everyone or would you find a patent attorney?

Suppose you wake up with what looks like a rash on your hand, you might go to the pharmacy and try a few things, or you might just go see the doctor.

Suppose you need some quick cash, do you cash in an IRA or do you consult a CPA?

Like the doctor, the lawyer, or the accountant, we can help you choose the best path for your business needs.

Let us write your next system requirements document (SRD) or system specification that you can use to outsource your project.


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