Barcode Point of Care for Schools

Use barcodes to prevent medication errors at schools

ADERS ® is a barcode point of care, (BPOC), solution

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ADERS School ® is our solution for schools to reduce adverse drug events using barcode technology. The most important aspect of ADERS School ® is the automated audit of all medications administered at school.
This information can be sent automatically to your existing school systems.

The school environment is much different than a care facility. Though the differences are obvious, the ADERS software required certain changes so that it could be used easily in the school environment. While the types of environments are vastly different, the benefits of ADERS is consistent.

For example:

  • Students are not admitted or released from a school the way a patient is admitted or released from a care facility.
    • At care facilities the stays are generally shorter and the schedules are generally contiguous
    • At a school the enlistment time is generally longer with frequent breaks for weekends, holidays, and seasons.
  • Students that receive medications on a schedule at school certainly don't need to receive their medications AT SCHOOL on weekends or holidays.
  • Schools usually don't have a pharmacy but the nurse's office needs to maintain a general population inventory of medications.
  • A school also needs to maintain multiple private inventories of medications for specific students.
  • ADERS School can maintain both types of inventory.
  • ADERS School can also track expiration dates of all medications in inventory.

Secific interfaces to various school systems can be custom tailored at no additional cost to the school.

For example:

  • posting data to PowerSchool
  • posting data to RealTime
View a PowerPoint Presentation of ADERS ®.

See how to prevent medication errors with bar codes using ADERS. Get your free pilot started today.


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