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Traverse has a mobile companion app that runs on Windows tablets, Android phones, tablets and mobile computers, and the Apple iPhone or iPad

PCS delivers prepackaged and custom applications that use and print barcodes such as Traverse, a barcode tracking system.

We can also provide barcode scanning and printing equipment for your convenience.

Traverse is a browser-based barcode tracking application. Barcode scanning equipment should be used for accuracy, though all transactions can be performed without using barcodes.


Traverse utilizes Symbol / Zebra scanners such as the LS2208 and the CS3000

Barcode scanners such as these scanners can be used by plugging them in to a computer USB port. The scanners act as keyboard input.
Zebra LS2208
A scanner such as the Symbol LS2208 is an ideal low cost scanner if you will only be scanning linear barcodes. If however, you intend to scan two-dimensional barcodes such as QR codes or PDF417, as found on US Drivers Licenses, then a DS6708-DL may be necessary.
Use the Zebra CS3000 a companion scanner to scan items to locations in batch mode and then synchronize the data to Traverse.
Zebra CS3000
If you need to scan 2D barcodes then the Zebra CS4070 performs the same functions as the CS3000.
Traverse has a mobile companion app that runs on Windows tablets, Android phones or tablets, and the Apple iPhone or iPad.
Zebra TC52
The Companion app also runs on Zebra portable computers such as the Zebra TC52 or TC72.
The Traverse mobile app can be downloaded free from Google Play.    Get the Traverse mobile app from the Google Play.

Scan this QR Code with your Andriod device to install the Android app. This runs on all Android devices running 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher.

Get Traverse for Android
Traverse is available from the Microsoft Store.    Get the Traverse mobile app from the Microsoft store.

Scan this QR Code with your Windows device to install the Microsoft app. This runs on all Windows 10 devices.

Get Traverse for Microsoft

Traverse is now in TestFlight at the Apple Store. Send us an email or call if you would like a sneak peak, We will add you as a tester.

Traverse can print item and location barcodes to Laser or Inkjet printers using avery labels, and can also print to Dymo Printers   or other industrial barcode printers such as   Zebra Printers,   Sato Printers, or  Honeywell Printers.

As a side note, Symbol Technologies held many patents including the laser engine for many barcode scanners. Symbol Technologies was purchased by Motorola, and then by Zebra Technologies.

Honeywell purchased Intemec in 2012 and Datamax in 2015. Honeywell sells the respective printers and scanners.

Traverse is highly customizable without any programming. We can also write custom programs to interface with Traverse. So for example, if you want a custom Kiosk application, we can build it for you.

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