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PCS delivers prepackaged and custom applications that use and print barcodes.

We can also provide pre printed barcode labels to meet your goals.

Polyester asset labels are a very common choice. They are durable and reasonably priced. There are also many varieties of asset labels such as laminated, two part, multi-part, security, silver security, and of course custom for your specific needs.

Sometimes asset labels need to be more durable, we can also provide Teflon or stainless steel labels.

We can help you choose the label that is right for your application or help you design
your own.

We can also configure your asset tracking software to maintain your label inventory with automatic re-order reminders so you never run out.

Polyester barcode asset label
Multi-part Polyester barcode asset label
Two-part Polyester barcode asset label


two dimentional barcode asset label
security (void) barcode asset label
Two-part Polyester barcode asset label

Location labels that are typically seen in warehouses can take on a more subtle look for the office. Essentially any fixed or mobile place in the office can be a "location" and thusly labeled appropriately. A mail cart for example is a great place for a laminated or Teflon bar-coded location label. Location labels can also be discretely placed in cubicle openings or desk edges. Magnetic labels might work great for temporary file space in a file room.
Below are some typical bar-coded location labels.

Magnetic barcode Location label
Hanging Placard barcode Location Label
Retro-Reflective barcode Location Label
Floor barcode Location label

Let us help you design your office location labels.

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