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SQL Database Simple Query Tool

Get a list of all databases and their sizes, get SQL version info, free disk space ...

When you just want to look at some data without a lot of hassles

Connect to a SQL Server and perform select queries without installing any software

Connect to a SQL Server and perform select queries without installing any software.  SimpleQ lets you connect to a SQL server or to a database using SQL Authentication or Windows Authentication.

SimpleQ lists all of the databases and their sizes on a SQL server, the SQL Server Version and Platform, collation, available disk space, plus a lot more.

It is a very useful tool and we thought it might be nice to offer it for free.  Hope it helps.  Enjoy!

Click this link to download SimpleQ .Net Framework 3.5.

Click this link to download SimpleQ .Net Framework 4.5.

After you download the file execute SimpleQ.exe to run it.   All of our software is digitally signed.   If you receive a SimpleQ.exe file that is not signed or the signature is invalid, do not run it.

After you launch SimpleQ.exe, enter the database server and or instance.
Select a connection type, (Windows or SQL) if SQL enter the user id and password.
Click Test Connection and you will either connect or receive an error explaining why you could not connect.

You can also capture essential database tuning information via the "Send Info" tab.   You can have the tuning info sent to us or to anyone else by entering the SMTP information. Or, just leave the SMTP information blank and click the "Send Info" button and it will capture statistics about your database and save them to an easy to read HTML file.   The HTML file is created in the same directory from where you started SimpleQ.

Send us the tuning info for a free 30 minute consultation.

SimpleQ is packaged with our Database Health Assistant

If you like SimpleQ, please share it on your favorite social media.  Also, maybe you will like our database health assistant.

DB Health Assist is a database backup, tuning, and health-monitoring service all rolled up into one easy to use and affordable package.   Our database-optimizing assistant will help you automate database backups, database table re-indexing of fragmented indexes, copy or ftp backups to other storage, plus much more.    The best part about DB Health assist is that it will notify you of potential issues before they occur; like if you are about to run out of disk, or if your disk is starting to fail.

Click this link to download DB Health Assistant today and start your free two week trial.

Download SimpleQ. It is in a ZIP file which contains a single EXE file and a PDB file. You don't need the PDB.

Double Click "PCSSimpleSQLQuery.exe" enter your SQL Server credentials and click "Test Connection"

"SimpleQ" SimpleQ is a Simple Query tool for SQL Server database. Free download $0.00 Download SimpleQ Today.

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