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Software is designed and built to perform a task. Quality software is generally free of bugs. So why does anyone ever need support? No system is 100% bug free. No system meets 100% of everyone's needs.   Sometimes even after training, it may not be obvious how to get the most from your system. The appropriate support plan for your facility provides the guarantee that someone can help when you need it.

There are several support plans available to suit most every facility's needs. Our premium support option for ADERS ® and ← Traverse → ™ has built in error reporting. Should you choose to turn it on it reports errors directly to our technical staff via automatic email. With this feature, we can stay on top of any issues that may arise and include all corrections in timely maintenance releases. This option is only available with our premium support plan.

Maintenance releases for the same version release are available to everyone as a matter of good business.

As our products evolve to meet the ever changing needs of our customers, so too shall the product's feature list. Major "New Feature Version" releases will be offered at a nominal upgrade fee to all those who desire them.

Please contact us for a description of our different support options. Pricing for support depends on the complexity of your configuration.

We also offer support on a per call basis.


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