Practical Compliance Solutions, helping companies save time and money using barcode and RFID technology since 2002.

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Barcode Tracking System  
Barcode Tracking Software  
Barcode Tracking Software  
Barcode Point of Care  
VICS Bill of Lading  
DB Health Assistant
SQL Backup and Copy and FTP  
SQL Tuning assistant  
What Is My IP
IP Change Notifier  
IP Change Notifier  
Simple Q;™
Barcode Software  
Database Query Tool  
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Barcode File Tracker  
Barcode File Tracking  
SQL Backup FTP
SQL Backup and Copy and FTP  
Backup and FTP and Copy  
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Barcode Medical Chart Tracker  
Barcode Medical Chart  
ADERS School ®
Barcode POC for Schools  
Where Did My Disk Go
Barcode Tracking  
Find Largest Directory  
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Barcode Inventory  
Barcode Inventory  

PCS is a software company, and more...

We help companies save time and money using barcode and RFID technology.
You can download our software products from the download page. For details, click any of the tiles above.

Products include:


Barcode Solutions  
Custom Software  

Barcode Asset Tracking  
Business Analysis  

Asset Tracking  

File Tracking  

Document Tracking  
Scope Creep Mitigation  

Medical Chart Tracking  
Expert Witness Services  

Our services include custom software, analysis and design, troubleshooting...

If you can't find what you need, sometimes custom software is the answer. We would like to help.

Services Include:


We also sell barcode scanning and printing hardware as well as preprinted labels

Sometimes special hardware is necessary, like barcode scanning equipment or bar code printers.
If you are considering a barcode file tracking system, then you will need some type of barcode scanning equipment.
You may also need special barcode labels that require special equipment to produce.
We can help you select the proper equipment and labels.

Tax Folder Tracking  
Pre-printed barcodes  

Barcode Scanning Equipment  
Barcode Scanning  

Barcode Printing Equipment  
Barcode Printing  

barcode scanning portable kiosk computer for scanning files in and out of the file room  
Portable Kiosk  

Industrial Barcode Printing Equipment  
Industrial Printers  

Tamper resistant asset labels  
Tamper resistant labels  

PCS offers some free software and free web services like our Photo ID page, true cost calculator, or Math Hound

Sometimes we write a little software because we need something that we can't find on the internet and it makes an otherwise tedious manual process nice and easy. Math Hound was created when my son needed to practice multiplication in the third and fourth grade for "The Mad Minute".

True Cost Mortgage calculator was created when we were looking to move. We needed a tool that would help us assess the true costs. This tool takes all of the emotion away from the purchase by presenting the real numbers.

Where did my disk go was created when my disk was full and it was very difficult to find the largest directory... You get the idea. But we build and sell Barcode Tracking Systems, VICS Bill of Lading software, and Custom Software.

Our many years of experience tempered with our evolution through several generations of technology provides us a solid technical foundation and the ability to apply it practically. With this knowledge we, like our competitors, have the ability to build applications. Unlike our competitors we also have the ability to fix applications built by others. We can also show you how to enhance the performance of existing systems.

If a software / hardware solution makes sense and it does not already exist, let us help you achieve your goals. We're PCS, and we've been helping companies save time and money using barcode and RFID technology since 2002.  

Print a photo id for your child  
Free Photo ID  

Math Hound Practice Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, and Division  
Math Hound  

Learn the true cost of a vacation  
True Cost  

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