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VICS BOL Software Solution

Print the VICS bill of Lading to a Plain Paper LaserJet from any ERP or Logistics system

Do you supply goods to WalMart, JC Penney, Nordstrom, Dillard's, Federated?

Print VICS BOL to a Plain Paper LaserJet from any ERP, WMS, YMS, or Logistics system quickly and easily.   QuikVixBOL is a bolt on solution to automate and print the VICS Bill of Lading from any system.   It is easy to install and easy implement.   You can download it today and print sample BOLs immediately.   QuikVixBOL is packaged with an installation guide and full help.   There is also a GUI interface that helps you create the input files that you will produce from your existing system.

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QuikVixBOL is a plain paper VICS BOL Solution
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Click here to download the Quick Start / Installation Guide.

QuikVixBOL prints to LaserJet Printers in either PostScript or HP PJL format.

1IT MUST BE A LASER, QuikVixBOL only prints directly to Laser Jet printers or Post Script Printers.

This demo is an unlicensed full version of the QuikVixBOL ™ product.

It will interchange two random characters of each output field except for critical and bar-coded data.

By having the full product you can kick the tires before purchasing for as long as you like.

BILL OF LADING OUTPUT ACCEPTED by JC Penney, Nordstrom, Bon-Ton, Federated....

You NOT NEED to be a JAVA programmer to use this product.  

Print the VICS bill of Lading to a Plain Paper LaserJet from SAP or any ERP or Logistics system

You can run QuikVixBOL ™ from the command line by passing it a file or you can instantiate it in a JAVA application.   There are sample programs and sample upload files that illustrate the different ways you can use this product.   There is a sample GUI application that allows you to create actual Bills of lading on demand.   You can create the BOL input file from any language you choose, as it is just a fixed length ASCII file with section headers that specify which section of the BOL form should inherit the data.

This product produces 600 DPI HP PJL and PostScript output. It can therefore address almost any Laser printer on the market today. PJL is a proprietary printer language specific to the Hewlett Packard Corporation. PostScript is a printer language designed by Adobe Systems Inc.

To run this product you must have a JRE ( JAVA RunTime Environment 1.3 or higher ). You can download one for free from Sun's website. Java is a registered trademark of Sun Micro Systems.

QuikVixBOL ships with sample data, sample JAVA programs and a GUI application to help you get started

There is even a sample SAP RFC and a SAP Server application. Both are written in JAVA and instantiate the QuikVixBOL ™ class. The section where you would place your custom code is clearly marked in each sample. The method you use is your choice.

If you have trouble downloading the QuikVixBOL ™ demo contact us.

QuikVixBOL - the VICS Bill of Lading Bolt-On tool of choice has two price models: Starting at $299.99 Please Call 201-728-8809 for pricing. Download QuikVixBOL today!

1It is a bit more work but you could create a PDF from the PostScript output but we do not guarantee the results of this practice.

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