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Barcode Five Rights System

Use Barcode to prevent medication errors

ADERS ® is a barcode point of care, (BPOC), solution

ADERS ® is our solution for reducing adverse drug events using barcode technology.

In 2004, the FDA initiated a mandate for all pharmaceutical companies to print NDC barcodes on their prescription drug packages by April 2006, in an effort to reduce the number of adverse drug events.

However, printing NDC barcodes on packages is not sufficient to prevent medication errors.

Caregivers when administering medications must utilize the NDC barcodes.

Our Adverse Drug Event Reduction System, ADERS ®, empowers caregivers with the ability to ensure the right drug is administered to the right patient at the right time in the right dose via the right route of administration.

This is accomplished through the use of portable data terminals, or PDTs for short. The PDTs are equipped with barcode scanners, which are used to scan NDC barcodes on the drug package, and the patient identification barcode typically located on the patient's wristband.

ADERS ® guarantees ROI the instant a catastrophic medication error is captured or prevented, which could occur the day of implementation.

ADERS ® is HIPAA Compliant per HIPAA 45 CFR 164.502(a)(1)(iii)

Further, after your staff has used the devices, they will embrace the technology. It will save time at the patient's bedside by eliminating the written aspect of administering medications. Also, the caregivers will have at their fingertips information about every patient in their unit, all medications that are due now, PRN orders, and the ability to transfer patients from room to room or unit to unit. All are time saving features.

In addition to the PDT features, all data collected is compiled into comprehensive administrative reports. Management can report on all adverse drug events that have been prevented for a date range and by category. Management can also review all potential medication errors using a standard set of reports. Depending on the facility's configuration, management may be emailed or text messaged when potential adverse drug events occur. These messages may also be forwarded to the primary care physician automatically.

Our standalone system can interface to any existing back office system.

View a PowerPoint Presentation of ADERS ®. With Sound Approximately 11 Minutes. No Sound at Your Pace. See how to prevent medication errors with bar codes using ADERS. Get your free pilot started today.

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