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ASP.NET bar code control, Stripes ™

Display Code 128 barcodes on your Web Pages

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Our ASP.NET Barcode Control package includes three components:

  • An ASP.NET Pure HTML Barcode Web Server control. Drag and drop it onto your forms.
  • An ASP.NET graphical Barcode Web Server control. It works just like the pure HTML control, but also allows you to change orientation and resolution. It renders a bitmap stream that is formatted as JPG or Gif. There are no temp files to manage.
  • A Dot Net DLL that renders both Pure HTML and Graphical barcodes so you can use it in any Dot Net application. Use it in a web service to render barcodes to your JSP applications.
The Stripes package also includes complete documentation and sample applications so you can see how to use the components.
  • Pure HTML Features:

    • Displays in all major browsers, IE6 and 7, Opera, Forefox, and Safari.
    • Renders Pure HTML, not an attached graphics format.
    • Easy Drag and Drop capability for developers.
    • Human Readable fonts are supported by client.
    • Human Readable portion above or below bars or off.
    • X-Dimension adjustable from 15.8 mills to 45.8 mills
  • Graphical Features:

    • Generates GIF or JPG output.
    • Does not produce temporary files. Output is written to current context.
    • Graphics resolution is adjustable from 96 DPI to 600 DPI for hi-res printers.
    • Orientation is adjustable 0º, 90 º, 180 º, 270 º.
    • X-Dimension adjustable from 7.5 mills to 45.8 mills. Use Higher Resolution for 7.5 mills.
    • Human Readable fonts are generated by server.
    • Human Readable portion above or below bars or off.

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