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ASP.NET bar code control, Stripes ™

Display Code 128 barcodes on your Web Pages

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»Stripes« ™ Technical Info:

  • Written entirely in C# - Visual Studio 2005
  • Minimum environment requirement .Net Framework 2.0
  • Easy 4 step process to place our control in your toolbox
    • Right click in tool box
    • Select "Choose Items"
    • Browse to the location of the »Stripes« ™ Web Control
    • Select Graphic or Pure HTML
  • Drag controls onto your Web For
The demo version will interchange two random characters until it is licensed. In this way you can play with it as long as you like. When you are ready to purchase, we'll send you the licensed version.

The »Stripes« ™ demo is in a ZIP file named Extract the contents of the ZIP using WinZip or Windows Explorer into a new folder. Download WinZip and Unzip the »Stripes« ™ demo GRWC_code128Demo.dll is the Graphical version of the »Stripes« ™ demo.
PHWC_code128Demo.dll is the Pure HTML version of the »Stripes« ™ demo.

Add GRWC_code128Demo.dll or PHWC_code128Demo.dll to your IDE Tool Box. Then simply drag and drop the controls onto your web page. Position them with by draging them or use Stylesheets. Change any and all properties from the properties page or via code.
NOTE: Do Not change the Text property from the properties page.

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