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ASP.NET bar code control, Stripes ™

Display Code 128 barcodes on your Web Pages

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This page demonstrates our Web Server Controls. The top portion of the screen renders Pure HTML barcodes and the bottom portion renders graphical barcodes.

The graphical version offers advantages such as adjusting the resolution and rotation of the barcode. It does so without creating temporary files. In so doing, you will not need top give the ASPNET account special write priveleges.

The HTML barcodes scan well at a mill spec of 15.8 and above. The graphical barcodes can be rendered at a mill spec as little as 7.5 using higher resolution options.

Mill spec is inversely related to barcode density. The lower the mill spec, the higher the density. Mill spec literally means the width of the thinnest bar measured in thousandths of an inch.

The x Dimension is the nominal width dimension of the narrow bars and spaces.

Data to barcode
Mil size - x-Dimension
Graphics Format
Human Readable Position

Barcodes Rendered by »Stripes« ™

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