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Barcode Five Rights System

Use Barcode to prevent medication errors

ADERS ® is a barcode point of care, (BPOC), solution

The ADERS ® Back Office is the user interface to maintain all of the essential infrastructure data within the ADERS ® system.

It is an ASP.NET application that adds its own security on top of any windows authentication security. As it is a browser based component of the system, it only needs to be installed once. Everyone who has security clearance may access it via Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It may be installed on several servers if desired for example in a wide area network implementation.

ADERS' ® menu system is easy to navigate and designed to show not only what you've selected but where you are. As an ASP.NET application, it was designed to be viewed through Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Import the quarterly list of NDC updates from the FDA via the Interface menu.

Run Reports.

Maintain Patients via the Tasks Menu.
ADERS ® Main Menu

ADERS ® Treatment Plan ADERS' Treatment Plan is the heart of the schedule. Here are listed every medication that a patient is to receive, the dose and quantity, the duration of the treatment, number of times per day, grace period before and after, all of the information necessary to create a schedule.

After the plan has been created, press the schedule button to generate the schedule.

Transfer patients from unit to unit or room to room.

When a patient has been discharged, no additional activity may be performed for that patient.

Schedule a demo today! See how to prevent medication errors with barcodes using ADERS.

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