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Reduce adverse drug events using barcode technology at the patient's bedside

Use Barcode to prevent medication errors

ADERS ® is a barcode point of care, (BPOC), solution

ADERS is a fully functional standalone system designed to reduce adverse drug events using barcode technology at the patient's bedside.

It can be implemented as a standalone system or it may interface with any existing ERP or Pharmacy system to exchange patient information.

The heart of ADERS ® lies in its medication schedule engine. All scheduled medications for each patient are maintained and used as guidelines to administer medications. All administered medications are recorded and matched with the schedule to determine if it is in fact the right drug at the right time in the right dose via the right route of administration.

Patient information and medication schedules may be imported into ADERS ® from any Pharmacy or ERP system, or entered manually via ADERS ® back office system. All data collected may be used for a variety of reports. More...

Portable data terminals running Pocket PC, Windows CE or Windows Mobile, (PDAs) are used to capture all medication administration events at the point of care. The PDA is used to scan the barcode on the patient's wristband and all of the barcodes on the medications that he/she is to receive.

In wireless mode, all patient schedules are completely up to date at all times on every hand held device with the press of a button. Caregivers may query the status of any patient to see what the patient has received, what is on the patient's PRN list and what the patient is due to receive and when. Any special instructions about the patient and the patient's condition including allergies is also available from the patient look-up. Caregivers also have at their fingertips the ability to know what is "Due Now" for their unit or for the whole facility.

If your facility does not have a wireless infrastructure in place, wireless mode may be achieved via cellular technology.

If both 802.11b and cellular are out of the question, then the system may be used in batch mode, where by the caregiver is required to synchronize his or her PDA before and or after each shift. The schedules will not be up to the minute all the time, but the system functions exactly the same way. More...

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