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Patient Safety with Barcodes at the point of care

Use Barcode to prevent medication errors

ADERS ® is a barcode point of care, (BPOC), solution

The ADERS ® Point of Care software runs on PocketPC, CE.NET, and Windows Mobile devices, such as the devices pictured at the top right of this screen. Facilities are urged to choose hand held devices that are ergonomically suited for their staff.1

ADERS point of care software is the same for both "Wireless On-Line" and "Batch". In "On-Line" mode, all data transfer is immediate and seamless. In "Batch" mode, pertinent data for at least one shift is downloaded to the device, and periodic synchronization is required.

Since the devices are relatively small, they can be easily used anywhere and stored in a pocket or holster. Accessories such as tethers also exist which offer caregivers the freedom and flexibility to attend to emergency situations even if it means suddenly dropping the device to catch something else.

Most devices have a blue tooth option which enables one to connect to other blue tooth devices such as portable printers.

Again the menu system is easy to navigate and designed to allow the user to access any operation from any screen.

Perform patient look-ups

Transfer a Patient

Administer Medications

Get a schedule of what is due now
ADERS ® PDA Login Screen

ADERS ® PDA Patient Screen ADERS' patient look-up screen shows the patients' statistics, schedule of what has not yet been administered, PRN orders, history of what has been administered, diagnosis, special instructions (could include allergy information), and primary care physician.

From the patient look-up one could administer medications or transfer the patient.

Schedule a demo today! See how to prevent medication errors with barcodes using ADERS.

1As long as the PDA devices run PocketPC, CE.NET, or Windows Mobile, the facility may purchase different devices to suit different ergonomic needs.

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