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Versatile Barcode tracking system

Automate and record the movement of items from place to place or from person to person with a few quick barcode scans

Track items using bar codes with Traverse, a simple and affordable file tracking system

Traverse Barcode Tracking Software automates and records the movement of items from place to place or from person to person with a few quick barcode scans.   Print the item barcodes, location barcodes, user barcodes, and client barcodes directly from Traverse.   You can also check an item out to a person as you would a book from a library.   Traverse can also send email or SMS notifications when the file is due back.   Traverse is fully customizable enabling you to collect more or less data depending on your needs.   All check in / check out transactions are audited of course, but Traverse takes it a step further in that all changes to any data within traverse is audited.  

Use Traverse to track assets and inventory
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Traverse is Versatile

Traverse is a browser based barcode tracking system that is easy to install, customizable, affordable, scalable, versatile, and powerful.

Traverse is versatile because you decide how to categorize the items that require tracking and how they are related and referenced.

You've heard that before, but here's how it's done

Traverse lets you set up Asset Types and Inventory Types.

Both assets and inventory types can have a series of optional and customizable fields associated with them and assets can be containers or contained within other assets.

Define asset and inventory types in our barcode traking system.  If you can barcode it, Traverse can track it.

In this way, a bar-coded item can become the location of another bar-coded item.

Assets can also be depreciable. Our bar code tracking system offers three standard depreciation methods: Declining balance, straight line, and sum of the years.

Set up depreciable assets in our barcode tracking software.  If you can barcode it, Traverse can track it.

Once you define an asset as a container (parent) or containable (child), you can then further specify which containers can contain which assets. Here we show how a gusset can contain files and can be contained within file cabinets and boxes. The system will not allow you to move a gusset into a file folder or into another gusset.

Our barcode tracking system offers great flexibility when defining assets or inventory items.  if you can barcode it, Traverse can track it.

← Traverse → ™ is a browser based tool that simplifies your ability to track anything that can be bar-coded. Our bar code tracking system is powerful, versatile, scalable and affordable.

Starting At $799.99 Please Call 201-728-8809 for pricing. Download Traverse today! or let us host it for you in the cloud.

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