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Barcode tracking system Technical Info

Automate and record the movement of items from place to place or from person to person with a few quick barcode scans

Track items using bar codes with Traverse, a simple and affordable file tracking system

Traverse Barcode Tracking Software automates and records the movement of items from place to place or from person to person with a few quick barcode scans.   Print the item barcodes, location barcodes, user barcodes, and client barcodes directly from Traverse.   You can also check an item out to a person as you would a book from a library.   Traverse can also send email or SMS notifications when the file is due back.   Traverse is fully customizable enabling you to collect more or less data depending on your needs.   All check in / check out transactions are audited of course, but Traverse takes it a step further in that all changes to any data within traverse is audited.  

Use Traverse to track assets and inventory
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  • Written in C#, JavaScript, and SQL
  • Minimum environment requirement .Net Framework 2.0 and IIS
  • Uses standard AJAX controls
  • Uses »Stripes«™
  • Tuned for SQL Server 2008, but works with SQL 2005, SQL 2012, SQL 2014, and SQL 2016
  • Works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari
  • Supports SSL {Secure Sockets Layer} for added security1
Set up your items as you see fit.

If you are tracking fixed assets such as IT equipment, copiers, AV equipment, etc. you can declare asset types as IT, AV, etc.
Declare them as depreciable and assign them simple depreciation schedules. This is not to take the place of your accounting systems but rather to provide a quick estimate of a given asset's value.

If you are tracking files or documents, you can declare asset types such as "File Folder", "Gusset", "File Cabinet", "Storage Box" and assign rules such that a file folder can only be stored in a gusset which can be stored in a file cabinet or storage box.

If you are tracking evidence, you can store each piece of evidence in a bar-coded evidence bag each assigned to a case and stored in case bins.

If you are tracking tools.... you get the idea.

You can also store photographs of your items.

Print bar-coded asset tags, bar-coded location labels, bar-coded employee ID's using your current laser printer or ink jet printer with our built in barcode support.

Easily connect Barcode label design software such as BarTender, Nice Label, LoftWare, or others to design your own labels, or let us design them for you.

Talk to us about portable data terminals, barcode scanners, barcode printers, or pre-printed barcode labels.

Try our Android app! You can use your android device to scan barcoded items using the built in camera, or use a Zebra TC52 Android Device to lookup items to find their current location, perform all Traverse transactions like check-in, check-out, move, etc. ← Traverse → ™ Android app   

Try our Microsoft app! You can run Traverse on any Windows 10 device. Use your MS Surface-Pro camara to scan barcodes.← Traverse → ™ Microsoft App   

Click this link to download Traverse today and start your free one month trial.

1Purchase your SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority.

← Traverse → ™ is a browser based tool that simplifies your ability to track anything that can be bar-coded. Our bar code tracking system is powerful, versatile, scalable and affordable.

Starting At $799.99 Please Call 201-728-8809 for pricing. Download Traverse today! or let us host it for you in the cloud.

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